Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The 18K Gold Bracelet; Journey Of Goldie

Some time ago I purchased a huge lot of costume jewelry on eBay for very little money.  To my delight, I found an 18K gold bracelet buried in that lot! How do you suppose such a valuable piece of fine jewelry ended up in a heap of inexpensive costume jewelry? I can only imagine, but my imagination took me on a journey…..

Goldie, as she liked to call herself, was an 18K gold bracelet. At one time she sat on a glass shelf in a jewelry store under lock and key. She was showcased as only a fine piece of jewelry would be.  Now, she sat in the dark. She was encased in a jewelry box with other pieces of jewelry; none as fine as herself. There were also old loose buttons, scraps of folded paper, and other bits and pieces of junk in the box with her. Goldie felt cheated. She wanted to be showcased as she had been before. She wanted to show off her beauty!

Upon occasion, the jewelry box would open and a wrinkly face would peer inside. An old woman would rummage through the box, but she never touched Goldie. Then, one day a new face appeared. Goldie had the feeling that something was about to happen. The box was closed again, and it was being moved around. Goldie hadn’t felt so much action in a long time! She was excited to find out where she was heading.

After some tossing and turning and jostling around, the jewelry box finally settled into one spot. It was opened and everything, including Goldie, was dumped onto a table. There was lots of hubbub in this place; it looked like a store of some kind. In fact, it was a second hand store. The jewelry box and its contents had been donated. At last, Goldie was to be showcased again. But to her dismay, one of the workers tied a fifty-cent tag on her! How could they? Had they no idea that she was a fine piece of gold jewelry?

It wasn’t long before a young woman came strolling into the thrift shop. She snatched up the bracelet and took Goldie home. Goldie was then placed in a collection of inexpensive costume jewelry, photographed, and packed in a box. She was in a lot for sale on eBay! She ultimately was purchased and shipped off to Jenny’s Vintage Jewels…. She sold for high dollars and I’m sure she is being showcased and displayed by her new owner, who knows what a fine piece of jewelry she is! And, Goldie lived happily ever after…. The end.  :)