Monday, January 31, 2011

Bejeweled crafts: Rhinestones add sparkle to your home's decor!

Placing jewelry around your home is a great way to display your favorite pieces, and once you get started, your creative juices will start flowing! In my last blog, I talked about hanging beads on pictures and pottery, and displaying your pretty rhinestone brooches. In this note, I’d like to talk about craft projects made with vintage jewelry bits and pieces. Keep in mind, you can do these projects for yourself, give them as gifts, or sell them for profit. Some of the artisan pieces I’ve seen go for high dollars, so not only is it FUN, it’s well worth the investment of your time!
Are you crafty?  I never thought I was the crafty type, but I've found that I really am; with jewelry!  There are limitless ways to used vintage jewelry bits to make beautiful items for your home.  A great place to find jewelry bits-n-pieces is garage sales, or on eBay. You can buy large lots of craft jewelry on eBay for relatively little money. You’ll want to look for rhinestones and beaded jewelry, if possible. Get your hot glue gun ready!

Christmas tree art is very popular. These are made with a collage of sparkly jewelry pieces arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree, and framed for hanging on the wall.  I've included a picture of one that was recently featured in the Winter issue of Costume Jewelry Collector's International magazine!  You can also adorn plain picture frames with jewelry bits. Buy frames at garage sales for pennies and turn them into beautiful works of art. Glue jewelry pieces all around the frame for a dramatic effect. The same goes for lamp shades. Place pieces around the top and bottom rims of the shade for an elegant look.

A favorite of mine is bejeweled jewelry boxes! You can go wild here, but I’ve included a picture of a simple trinket jar I’ve done. (It’s best to start with a small project until you get the hang of it.) This one cost under a dollar. I bought the vintage Avon jar at a thrift shop for fifty cents, and the rhinestone piece on top was a quarter. Isn’t it lovely?  Visit my eBay store for this type of craft jewelry.  I often have craft jewelry lots up for auction there!


  1. Great ideas! This makes me want to tackle a few "blah" items in my own home. I do have one of those picture frames though (got it as a gift) and I've always loved it.

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