Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Day Of Jewelry Pickin’; Never Leave Home Without Your Loupe!

I always carry a loupe in my purse, and it sure came in handy this past weekend! I was to attend an open house party on Saturday afternoon at a friend’s home just over an hour’s drive away. Along the route there are four small towns, each with a thrift shop or secondhand store. Jewelry picking is my idea of a perfect Saturday morning. The first town along my route was Browerville, Minnesota and the first find of the day; a lovely vintage faux pearl choker for $1.00. What a way to start the day!

The second town I motored through was Long Prairie. There are two fun shops just across the street from each other, so this is always a fun stop. My second find of the day; a nice, heavy Sterling Silver bracelet for $1.50. This was nestled in a wicker basket among other inexpensive bracelets, so it was like finding a gold nugget in the mud! Very exciting. Although I could tell by the feel that this was not a cheap bracelet, I really needed my loupe to read the .925 and FAS markings.

Next was Sauk Centre, and another one of my favorite second hand stores. Third find of the day; A pair of vintage Renoir copper clip earrings for $2.50. Fantastic! My final destination was Osakis, and I had actually never stopped at the local thrift shop there, so this was a new experience. I was under a time crunch to get to the party on time, so I had to sort of whirl through, but I did find a gorgeous, heavy, vintage Crown Trifari link necklace for $1.00. What a fabulous find! I will definitely be making my way back to Osakis when I have more time to browse that shop!

I have two loupes; one stays home on my work table, and the other travels with me. That way, I always have a loupe wherever I am, and I can’t tell you how many times it has come in handy. Don’t leave home without your loupe! Oh, one more thing to share before I sign off; I actually wore that faux pearl choker I purchased in Browerville to my party that afternoon, and got lots of “OOs” and “Ahs” and “That is so gorgeous!”. If they only knew I snagged it at a thrift store for a buck….


  1. Wow Jenny , you have a good eye for fabulous things , loved this story

  2. Great story, great adventure--wish I could've been with you! You're a pro. Congrat's on all your great finds.

  3. Thanks, Ladies, for enjoying my Jewelry Pickin' Blog! :-)