Saturday, January 29, 2011

Decorate your home with vintage jewelry!

It may sound strange, but decorating your home with pieces of pretty jewelry is a fabulous way to spice up your décor! 

A strand of vintage beads hugging a piece of pottery can create an eye-catching centerpiece. To dress up a clear vase, use colorful beads. If you have an ornate vase or a colorful piece of pottery, clear crystal faceted beads work well. Beads also add pizzazz to displayed photographs or a favorite picture hanging on the wall. If it’s a long strand, double it up and drape it over one corner. I like to use vintage beads because that’s what I collect, but new beads would work well, too!

A well-placed rhinestone brooch can add interest to an otherwise drab shelf. If placed right, it will give off a nice sparkle when you walk past. I use vintage brooches, but again, newer pieces can work just as well. There are some talented artisans out there who create fabulous pieces of jewelry, too. So when you’re shopping, don’t forget to look at jewelry as a home decorating idea!

I collect vintage beaded clip earrings. I arrange those in clusters, and a grouping like this gives a nice dramatic effect. I've included a photograph from inside my curio cabinet, and that shows part of my crystal jewelry and hat pin collections.  I acquire new pieces of vintage jewelry all the time, so I’m constantly changing my home's décor. Family and friends love to come over and see what pretty little things I have sparkling around the house. It’s lots of fun!

Visit my eBay eBay Store for lots, or collections of jewelry.  Or, come visit me on Ruby Lane for individual pieces of vintage jewelry.  And when you're shopping, remember to think of jewelry as a home decorating idea.  You'll never look at vintage jewelry the same!

Oh, one more thing before I sign off... The picture I've included here used to be my Logo.  Recently, my dear friend Linda Caricofe of RC Antiques on Ruby Lane designed my new logo!  Thanks a million, Linda!  I've gotten lots of nice comments on that logo... :)

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